August 12, 2012

Give Yourself a Break!

We all know and have fought with trying to be “perfect”, and the paralysis that this can lead to. Never being satisfied with anything other than “perfect”, can lead to constantly feeling like a failure and feelings of hopelessness.

August 5, 2012

Help for overeating

Hi my name is Mel, I am a over eater!!!

I never knew there was help for this, I need help to get past my sick and twisted love and need for food.

Adolesent Anorexia


I don’t if this is the right place to write this but here goes anyway.  We live in Hamilton and have an 11 yr old niece who has been diagnosed with anorexia,  we are looking for anyone who has been (or is going) through the same thing to talk and share ideas. 

At the moment we are receiving care through mental health,  their main concern is weight gain before we start on anything else but a nutritionist and psychologist(?) are next. 

No one we know has been through something like this and we are feeling very lonely and isolated.  We would greatly appreciate any contact (support).

Triggers for Overeating

A client recently came to me having difficulties filling out the Bulimia Nervosa / Compulsive Overeating Worksheet. She queried how to fill in the ‘Incident’ column. (more…)