February 7, 2023

Studying in Dunedin

Hello Charles! I am unsure if you will even remember who I am haha, but this is [name withheld] – I saw you in (I think) 2017 with anorexia.

I honestly cannot remember a lot from throughout the time I was unwell, but I know in the time I did not enjoy seeing you and was quite awful haha, so I do apologise. As I’m sure you were aware, the last thing I wanted was for anyone to try to help me because I despised the thought of anyone forcing me to get better. At the time, the last thing I wanted was to get better.

But I want you to know, despite the countless times I probably said I hated you, a piece of me always did trust and listen to you. No matter how much I denied it back then, you did help me. I don’t think i’d be the person I am today without your help and for that, I’d just like to say thank you.

You somehow helped change something within me, and even if it was small, it could be part of the reason I am here, and healthy, and happy today. And I am so happy today! I truly feel as though I have come out the other side, and completely (if not, almost completely) overcome it all. I just turned 21 last month, I’ve been studying in Dunedin for the past 3 years, and will complete a degree in psychology this year – quite ironic isn’t it, hahaha.

I really do hope all is well with you, and I hope this was not an annoyance to read. And thank you so much again, for everything.
Kindest regards,

Dr Fishman responds…

So good to hear from you and thanks for your sweet note. I’m very happy, but not surprised, that you are doing so well! I don’t remember that you were disrespectful to me. I’m often not the children’s favourite because I’m calling for change and the end of their eating disorder. You certainly saw that my heart to in the right place— focussed on helping struggling young people.

You thank me for your recovery but I would give credit to you, your strength and for your loving parents.

Glad to hear that you’re are getting a degree in Psychology. One book that might be of interest is my Enduring Change in Eating Disorders-Lessons From Long Term Follow-ups (You can rent it from Amazon.).
This is the model we used.

All the best success in your studies.
Kindest regards,

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Book: Enduring Changes in Eating Disorders

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Endorsements from Clients

  • Hello Charles! I am unsure if you will even remember who I am haha, but this is [name withheld] – I saw you in (I think) 2017 with anorexia.

  • My wife and I felt quite emotional last Monday after our short Zoom session. All three of us hugged. It felt like the end of a relatively short but profoundly enriching journey with you which started in June at your home office on Waiheke Island.

  • Dear Dr Fishman Thank you so much for this website. I have a long history of swinging between bulimia and compulsive over-eating. I am currently a compulsive over-eater.