Services offered by NZ Eating Disorder Specialists

The causes of eating disorders are not entirely known, but the premise NZ Eating Disorder Specialists takes to successfully overcome them is based on the family acting as a resource for healing.

Our family therapy sessions use Intensive Structural Therapy to focus on the interactions that can be observed in the sessions between the individual and other members.


Medical insurance may cover part of the therapy sessions. On the initial enquiry about our services we will discuss the appropriate fee based on the initial appointment needed. We will also discuss ongoing fees when planning the length of the treatment with the individual and family. We have a sliding scale and no one is turned away because of inability to pay.


NZ Eating Disorder Specialists will see patients that have been referred to us by general practitioners, family or friends. In cases where the individual has no general practitioner we can assist to have them medically assessed. We can also prescribe medications when necessary.

Therapy via Skype

If you are not living in Auckland, we can offer online assessment and treatment via Skype

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