July 9, 2011

Looking for love in all the wrong places

With the Northern hemisphere summer aproaching, Jaqueline Wilson warns that women with eating disorders should be on guard against bulimia triggered by the swimsuit season. She writes:

With Botox, liposuction and plastic surgery becoming the norm, women who don’t have the means for these sometimes expensive procedures may be turning to binging and purging as a way to achieve what they perceive as a “quick fix” to their swimsuit body issues.

Read more: technorati.com/women/article/swimsuit-season-a-trigger-for-women/

You may have the sense that your weight is not right; that there is something wrong with you.

Instead, ask yourself: is it your relationships that make you feel bad about yourself? Perhaps you should try to make them

more fulfilling, even addressing issues that are bothering you.

Bulimia is dangerous. Empower yourself.

Don’t forget to get your “Text Buddy” to support you as your make your relationships happier.

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