February 3, 2009

letter from Michelle

Hi I have been bulimic for over 14 years. I have tried counseling. I have been to group therapist. I have been in hospital twice. Once I almost lost my life.

I know I have a serous problem but I can’t stop. I am a solo mum. I have suffered from clincal depression and PTSD post traumatic stress disorder. My family knew I had had bulimia but think that I have stopped. I did for a month when I came out of hospital. I have worn all my teeth and the more that goes wrong with me, the more I do it. Help me please

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  1. Dear Michelle

    Clearly you have a very severe problem. I trust you have a GP overseeing your medical status. In our approach, the focus is on one’s relationships. There are socially based issues that can make the problem better and worse.

    I would try to find a therapist in your community who can help you have a sense of better control of your relationships. This therapist must work closely with your GP

  2. Leonie Davidson says:

    Hi Michelle, I so feel for you. My daughter has had anorexia and bulimia (she never binges and is so careful what she eats)for the past 18 years. My beautiful daughter is now dying. She is 38 has a gorgeous 19 year old daughter and a grand child who will be born in Jan next year. Nothing could or can stop her from binging with laxatives. She just has to do it – even knowing she is dying she is powerless to stop. She has been told (just recently) that her main organs have been damaged beyond repair. My baby is waiting and hoping to get into a free treatment facility so she can begin to eat again (she can’t eat anymore) and desperately wants to stop using laxatives. If this can happen (and I doubt it, seriously) she will only have four years left to live at the very most. Please, please try to get the help you need to stop this horrible disease. It isn’t just your disease, it effects everyone in your family. God Bless, Leonie

    • Dear Leonie,
      Thanks for sharing.

      I will address these issues more fully in due course but a very important lesson is the fact that as soon as symptoms emerge, be sure to get treatment.

      When the compulsion (the voices!) take over, treatment is more difficult.

      My very best to you and your family

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  • Dear Dr Fishman Thank you so much for this website. I have a long history of swinging between bulimia and compulsive over-eating. I am currently a compulsive over-eater.