September 17, 2013

People, People, People

Greetings to you:

I need to apologize, our blog has been quiet for some months now. I have been completing a book for families, “You Can Fix Your Family”, which should be out in a few weeks. You’ll see my notices on that and a special price for members and US members of this community.

I was recently reminded of the essentiality of relationships and the maintenance and exacerbation of eating disorders. A young woman came to see me complaining that her bulimia was out of control, she was obsessed with her weight and the fact that she found herself purging after every meal. As with all of my investigations, all of my meetings with patients complaining of this problem, I always look for “the back story”. What is the stress in her life? In this woman’s life, she complained that her mother is always telling her what a disappointment she is to her, how she feels that she is failing her, and that she and her father are very distant. After these encounters, the bulimia is worse.

So the question for you, in your life, if you have difficulty with these problems, are there areas and conflicts that make the eating problems worse and force and oblige you to concentrate on your weight? As I’ve said many times on this blog, the weight focus is the yellow canary and that suggests if something is wrong with your life. In western societies and especially for women, when they feel bad about themselves, the first thing they kind of mental jujitsu “aha, it must be my weight, it must be my body”.

So again, I want to welcome you to the website, I’ll be putting posts on regularly and very important, I welcome you to send your reflections to this blog so that we can have a much more active on-going discussion group. It would be valuable to all the members of our community.

And finally, the title of this blog is “People, people, people”, I am paraphrasing the venerable Maori poem and that factor is never more important than in the world of eating disorders.

Yours in health,
Dr. Charles Fishman

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