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graph showing weight gain of over 5 kg per week

Monitoring Weight Gain

With eating disorders, the sooner the problem can be controlled, the better. When eating disorders become chronic, they are very difficult to treat.

One of the key components in Intensive Structural Therapy is monitoring weight gain in conjunction with therapy. Intensive Structural Therapy is a powerful model that leads to weight gain – often rapidly. The treatment is fast and the results are often maintained.

The chart above documents the progress of a 21 year old female student with an eating disorder for an eight year duration, undergoing a carefully-monitored, calorie-controlled diet. Starting with a BMI of only 14, she obtained a weight increase of more than five kilos a few weeks into treatment. Weight gain was acquired steadily and naturally. This graph shows how Intensive Structural Therapy is a rapid and successful approach to eating disorder treatment.

Note: 4/02/07 was the beginning of treatment.