May 1, 2011

Betsy addresses conflict

Betsy came to me because of her compulsive overeating, she weighed 160 Kgs that was steadily gaining. Like many people in her situation, she had tried all the different weight loss programmes; with dieting she found only added weight faster.

We worked well together – she espoused the treatment model – she systematically addressed her problematic relationships and avoided isolation. She was doing very well, until one weekend.

She realised that a man she knew professionally, had been calling her and sexually harassing her. Each time, describing herself as a sniffling wimp, she had done nothing about it.

The exacerbation of her eating disorder that weekend was after he called her and harassing her. This man was a few years younger than she was,was married with two kids, and Betsy knew his mother. What follows is a re-enactment of a therapy intervention of myself and my co-therapist, supporting her as she addresses this conflict that she had avoided for four years, and that is telling him to stop sexually harassing her.

This video is a re-enactment of an actual session with Dr Fishman, shared with the permission of the client. Names have been changed.

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