January 27, 2012

General Systems Theory and Eating Disorders.

General systems theory refers to the inter-connectivity of all things. This theory developed in the middle part of the last century; it states that everything is connected.

Cause and effect are a circle. Each effect causes another cause which causes another effect and so on. Think about that in regards to your own life.

A poster shows a beautiful mountain scene with a young girl bending down to pick a wild flower. The caption reads:

“I bend down to pick a flower and realise that it is attached to the universe”.
(Sierra Club)

I received an email over the holidays from a woman who said that she had battled bulimia for many years, and wanted to meet to deal with her difficulties. As many of you will know, just sitting and talking about the difficulties does not help.

What helps is addressing the problems, dealing with the relationships; it is focusing on people people people. And it is how you address these problems. To do this you need support. And you need to realise that it isn’t just you that needs to change.

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