March 14, 2007

Prevent Eating Disorders From Developing

This article by Dr Charles Fishman was published in Healthy Options Magazine, May ’07.

In New Zealand, one in three children is overweight or obese, a fact which has instigated a $76 million campaign by the government to fight the epidemic. While this action is to be applauded, kids are increasingly being exposed to ‘perfect bodies’ as portrayed on TV, in films, in magazines … just about everywhere. Younger and younger children are dangerously dieting in an attempt to lose or avoid gaining weight.
Healthy Options Magazine

Parents are in the best position to influence their children’s behaviour. Rather than wait to see if your child does have a problem and then having to deal with them battling a tenacious eating disorder, there are things you can do now to stop eating disorders before they develop.

Click on the link below to download the article containing tips for parents to prevent eating disorders from developing in their children.

Download article: Prevent Eating Disorders from Developing [802 KB PDF].

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