March 1, 2006


Welcome to the New Zealand Eating Disorder Specialists blog, where I can share my views on interesting cases and what’s happening in New Zealand and internationally with eating disorders treatment. I also trust readers will find it a useful forum to get information and to anonymously tell their stories and experiences and get feedback.

This blog will answer questions and provide educational input for eating disorder sufferers and their families. While it will not replace your mental health clinician or GP, it will provide important information and an invaluable perspective on eating disorders.

The eating disorders that are discussed here are anorexia nervosa (AN), bulimia nervosa (BN) and compulsive overeating. While not identical disorders, they have something in common – they are relationship-based.

To be clearer, now I’m not talking about cause. There are many theories about what causes eating disorders. My focus is on why eating disorders continue. Relationship factors are what keep these problems going.

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